Aims and Contents

of the Platform


The Open Educational Resources (OER) platform developed within the Energy Efficiency Expert (EEE) project consists of learning modules dedicated to trainers to multiply their ability to transfer energy efficiency knowledge and innovative financial instruments knowledge to the construction sector professionals.They cover three main topics: 

  • Technical/digital content, including Environmental sustainability (green buildings), Automation and control (smart buildings), Cost-effectiveness (cost-optimal building), and digital tools and innovative instruments for the construction sector.
  • Entrepreneurial content, mainly based on the ENTRECOMP framework and adapted to the construction sector.
  • Financial content focused on access to funding for energy-efficient buildings and energy-efficiency-specific financial instruments.


The OER platform – structured in learning modules – inherits the modular structure from the EEE CV framework. Each knowledge, hard skill, soft skill, and competence identified in the CV framework determines a learning module.

The framework consists of 52 Knowledge modules, 27 Hard Skills modules, 15 Soft Skills modules, and 37 Competences modules. The learning modules can be accessed either by the list of EEE profiles, the list of macro activities, or the list of overall learning modules. Each learning module is delivered by means of presentation slides with explanatory notes. A self-assessment test is included as well.


Target Groups

The target groups are:

Direct: VET trainers, consultants, coaches of SMEs/enterprises and engineers and architects

Indirect: Technicians (electricians or surveyors) and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the construction sector